Every Day from 16:00 to 1:00
Friday and Saturday from 16:00 till the last guest


Pavilion 4

Rocky shots!

Shot Gun is the youngest brother of Pavilions.

It specialises in sensational shots in various flavours, choice of which constantly grows. You can pick and choose from fabulous cocktails or non-mainstream beers as well. A unique vibe fuelled by heavy rock sounds and bartenders’ creativity spreads all over the place.
The local provides a vast amount of space, including two rooms on the lower level so you can easily organise any kind of event here.

Opening Hours

Monday – 16:00 till 1:00
Tuesday – 16:00 till 1:00
Wednesday – 16:00 till 1:00
Thursday – 16:00 till 1:00
Friday – 16:00 till the last guest
Saturday – 16:00 till the last guest
Sunday – 16:00 do 1:00

Phone: +48 601 527 287
E-Mail: [klik]