Opening times:
Everyday 4PM-2AM


Pavilion 26, 27

Op Art and electronic music

Pewex operates continously since 2005! What distinguishes it from other Pavilions is a series of DJ parties („Pewnie w Pewexie”). Come and listen to some good house and tech house music, often played straight from vinyl records. Pewex owes it unique atmosphere to the excellent 60’s style interior. What led the owners to opening the bar was their passion for op art. The walls are covered with pics of numerous remarkable poeple, connecting personas from various surroundings, all in one place. Pewex is one of the foundations of the Pavilions. A true classic.

Opening times

Monday – 4PM-2AM
Tuesday – 4PM-2AM
Wednesday – 4PM-2AM
Thursday – 4PM-2AM
Friday – 4PM-3AM
Saturday – 4PM-3AM
Sunday – 4PM-2AM

Contact us:
Phone: +48 607 214 250
E-mail: [klik]